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Given there is an overwhelming amount of updates for Terra in the past month, 21Shares will aggregate and analyze the collapse and rebirth of the Terra blockchain.

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Background and Market Size of Terra Classic Terra Classic originally known as Terra is a smart contract platform similar to Ethereum and Solana, on which developers can build decentralized applications. For a more detailed explanation of the mechanism, please refer to our previous statement. Terra Classic was once a market leader in Decentralized Finance DeFi behind Ethereum.

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The Collapse and Rebirth of Terra Shortly after the tremendous traction gained by Terra Classic in April, the storm arrived on 7 May. Below is a brief timeline of the key events: The triggering point started off with an ethereum investieren tl sell-off on both centralized and decentralized exchanges on 7 May. The sell-off caused a liquidity imbalance of the swap pool. The plan was submitted for community voting on 18 May and passed on 25 May.

Rebirth of the Terra Blockchain The revival plan created a new blockchain without Terra's algorithmic stablecoin.

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The new blockchain, which is named Terra, launched on 28 May. Below is the list of participants that will be supporting the new Terra blockchain. Ethereum investieren tl and Bear Cases for Terra Bull Case Terra appeared to be a more decentralized, community-focused blockchain. In terms of the core mechanism, Terra is not vulnerable to the risk of a collapse similar to that which occurred in Terra Classic thanks to the absence of an algorithmic stablecoin.

While the blockchain is built on top of Cosmos Hub, it allows Terra to enjoy network synergy through Inter Blockchain Communication IBC.

Terra has evolved to be more decentralized since it will no longer be led by a centralized entity like Terraform Labs and the token genesis allocation is ethereum investieren tl only to community members and contributing companies.

In the meantime, most of the existing wallets, block explorers, analytics, and security firms will also support the new Terra Blockchain, which can help Terra Classic users to switch to the new blockchain with ease.

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Bear Case Terra lacks a unique positioning to differentiate from other smart contract platforms. After the collapse of Terra Classic, the confidence and trust of projects, users and VCs have been damaged.

Without the high yield, it could be hard for Terra to scale up exponentially and attract liquidity in the absence of a killer application with sustainable user adoption.

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The largest liquid staking platform, Lidoand staking companies Figment and Chorus One have decided not to support the new Terra Blockchain. Projects such as Kujira have decided to launch a separate sovereign blockchain.

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On the other hand, Mars Protocol has decided to launch on Osmosis and Tracer has decided to launch on Near Protocol. With huge competition for talented developers, smart contract platforms like Juno, Fantom, BNB Chain and Polygon are offering incentives for the developers to port over their projects from Terra Classic.

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Since the token has been allocated to the community and users, the ecosystem will not be able to raise funding from VCs to grow the network. Without funding, Terra may not be able to attract developers and projects in the long run, especially when other smart contract platforms such as Near Protocol, Avalanche, and Fantom are launching major incentive programs.

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The airdrop allocation has been one of the most controversial aspects of the revival plan. There were concerns about large entities getting most of the airdrop tokens, ethereum investieren tl could result in centralization of the ecosystem and potentially create huge selling pressure.

Terra being non-EVM-compatible Ethereum Virtual In bitcoin investieren finanzfluss could also be a stumbling block for new users to enter the ecosystem. EVM-Compatible chains such as Avalanche, Fantom and Harmony make it easier to bring in existing blue-chip applications from Ethereum.

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